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What makes us different?

I had lunch today with a great friend.  We have known each other in business for about 20 years.

He asked me a question that I have not been asked recently.

“What makes you different from your competitors?”

I felt particularly proud today having had a few great client experiences in the past week.

The answer came easily.

I told him, “We know what we are doing.”

We specialize in delivering sound masking systems that are designed for our clients. 

Many of our competitors sell sound masking systems as an extra to their core business.  I call this the “You want fries with that” model.  The systems are designed and specified by a manufacturer, sold by a third party and installed by a fourth party.  The chain of custody is a bit murky and the chance for disappointment is high.

Some of our competitors understand the equipment needs for a high performing sound masking system.  However, they lack the expertise to make the system work well.  The lights are all on but the system is not configured.  We regularly get calls after the fact asking if we can make these systems work.  When we get on site, the only thing missing was the knowledge of how to actually do the job.

The last thing that makes us different from everyone is that we know how to work with sound.  We have a passion for it!  Sound masking can be a tool that helps to make a workplace productive.  Or, in the wrong hands, it is just a noise that causes complaints and further degrades workplace productivity.

Think about sitting next to a rushing stream.  Peaceful.  Conducive to deep thinking.

Compare that to living next to the airport.  It’s just noise!

We have figured out how to make sound masking work for our client’s open plan, private offices, medical offices and secure spaces.  We do one thing and we do it well.

My friend liked my answer. 

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