About ADI

We make our living installing sound masking systems.

“In hindsight, it all makes sense”

From his early years, ADI’s founder Steve Johnson has been fascinated by sound.

So after a winding path through recording studios and 15 years in commercial construction management, it seems natural that his company would be helping clients create high performing acoustical workplaces.

We earn our business helping our clients with acoustical expertise in support of their project planning

It is not often in this day and age that you run across a company that is as knowledgeable about their business and as committed to customer service as ADI Acoustics is. To say that they exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. The successful transition from private offices to an open work environment is in large part attributable to the systems ADI Acoustics put in place.

VP @ CableLabs

More than just a system.

True expertise in acoustics.

Understanding how sound works and how it interacts in the workplace gives ADI the advantage in designing solutions for our clients.

All of ADI Acoustics’ technicians have a strong understanding of how to use technology to deliver a high performing sound masking system in nearly any commercial environment.


We work with some of the best

Serving clients

With offices in both Denver and Washington DC, ADI Acoustics helps design, install, and service sound masking solutions around the country. ADI frequently works with clients to establish standards that can be rolled out reliably on a regional or national level.

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McLean, Virginia