SCIF Rooms

Protecting the most sensitive conversations

When sensitive or classified information is discussed, conversations must be protected from eavesdropping and casual passers by.

Whether building a new SCIF or trying to get accreditation on an existing facility, ADI’s security masking technology can improve acoustical performance dramatically.

By placing transducers on the secure side of walls, doors, ducts and conduit, acoustic security can be improved in a cost effective manner.

We earn our business helping our clients with acoustical expertise in support of their project planning

Security Masking Device Applications

Ceiling Plenum
Wall Cavities
Under Floor Plenum

Serving clients

With offices in both Denver and Washington DC, ADI Acoustics helps design, install, and service sound masking solutions around the country. ADI frequently works with clients to establish standards that can be rolled out reliably on a regional or national level.

Denver, Colorado

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